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I write content for individuals, big & small companies, videos, printed publications, blogs, and apps. Sometimes I also help companies with copywriting, editing, and even website design.

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Improve Your Site’s Readership

Visitors stay longer and come back for more when you provide fresh, engaging content on your website. I make sure your site’s content is relevant, helpful, and targeted specifically to the audience you want to attract.

Showcase Your Quality 

Nothing says “unprofessional” like content with poor grammar, misspellings, or bad form. As a professional writer, I have excellent command of the English language and its grammar, spelling, and composition. I am also skilled in writing copy that engages, persuades, and converts.

Optimize Your Site for SEO

Search engines favor websites that provide regularly updated content – especially content that is optimized with the kind of keywords your audience is searching for. I research what those are and incorporate them seamlessly into blog posts, copy, and website content.

Make Your Brand Consistent

Your voice, your values, and your purpose need to be consistent across all of your content and platforms so your audience will know without a doubt who you are and how you stand out from your competition. I am a skilled communicator and can write in your unique voice and language in a way that is authentic and recognizable. 

Who is Michelle Wuesthoff?


Michelle Wuesthoff is a Renaissance woman of sorts, with a background in education, art, web design, program development, coaching, and writing. She is the author of Grafted In: Leading Your Orphan Heart to the Spirit of Adoption and a writer for BKA Content.

As a content writer, her goal is to accurately represent her clients’ brand with engaging content, impeccable quality, and a creativity that will set them apart from their competitors.


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